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The commonplace of the Spanish and Portuguese world

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Bemvindo! Bienvenidos! This community is a connection between the spanish-speaking world, and those of the POrtuguese-speaking world. It serves as a commonplace for those [like myself] who have the privalege of having a little bit of both. It does not matter wheather you speak english, spanish, portuguese, or even if you'd like to learn any one of these, it only matters that you're here, and you represent lo que te hace tu mismo! Unlike alot of other sites, there is no requirement for membership. We only ask that you fill out the survey, just as something for us to know you buy. This will not hinder membership, as this site is unmoderated, and everyone is welcome. In addition, we also ask that you be respectful of other members' opinions and stay within the boundaries of ordinary conversation. It doesn't matter what you talk about (sports, clothes, or simply venting, whatever), as long as it tasteful and within reason. Please no porno or anything like that, and promoting is not a problem at all....welp, enough out of me...Que seja bemvindo/Que Estes bienvenidos/Be welcomed!

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